A Guide to Native Advertising: How Scaling Native Ad Campaigns Can Increase Revenue

Native ads are all the rage, but the question remains: How effectively do they scale? According to a thought leadership series, "Great content only makes an impact when it reaches the right people in sufficient volume."  Data shows native ads perform much better than traditional modes of online advertising, and that consumers spend 82% of their mobile time using apps. With these two facts combined, the time for app developers to be scaling native ad campaigns is now.  

The Application Developers Alliance has assembled A Guide to Native Advertising: How Scaling Native Ad Campaigns Can Increase Revenue to discuss the benefits and challenges developers will face. 

With this informative guide, developers can: 

  • Understand the concept of scaling native ads
  • Identify the value and potential of implementing scaling native ad campaigns
  • Navigate the challenges as scaling native ad campaigns evolve 


Contributors include: 

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