Proposed ePrivacy Regulation to affect all European industries and cost more than €500 billion in reduced annual turnover

A report commissioned by the Developers Alliance and produced by London Economics shows that the proposed ePrivacy Regulation being discussed in Brussels is potentially costly, definitely confusing, and likely to reduce innovation and investment across the EU. The total costs could soar as high as €551.9 billion annually in reduced turnover, with an impact far beyond the technology sector. 

Apps Alliance and Intuit Announce Open Source Code for Mobile App Privacy Notifications

Apps Alliance member Intuit announced that it will provide developers with open source software code to implement at-a-glance mobile app privacy notices. The code enables developers to incorporate “privacy screens,” or simple notifications of what data the app is collecting and with whom it is shared. 

App Developers, Publishers, Consumer Advocates Support Mobile App Privacy Model

U.S. government-hosted talks on mobile app privacy concluded when leading consumer privacy advocates and mobile app industry stakeholders joined in support for a voluntary model for how apps communicate what information about consumers the apps are collecting and with what types of third parties, if any, that consumers’ data is shared.  

Preliminary Report from the 10-City Application Developers Alliance Privacy Summit Series

The app ecosystem is large and growing, with more users and more apps added every day. Two-thirds of the U.S. online population has at least one smart mobile device, and 74 percent of those device owners have downloaded an app. In the next six months, about one-third of app users plan to use apps more than they do now, and one-third of non-users plan to start using apps.

Already, the app economy has created 519,000 jobs across the U.S., and this is just the beginning. 

Apps Alliance Announces Nationwide Privacy Summit Series

Washington, D.C. (May 22, 2012) The Application Developers Alliance announced today that it will kick off an 18 city App Developer Privacy Summit Series on June 4, 2012 in Austin, Tex. The series will feature panel discussions and topical roundtables to help app developers better understand the changing app privacy landscape and will give developers a voice in the ongoing dialogue.