Electronic Frontier Foundation

America's High Tech Investors Call on Congress to Stop Patent Trolls

More than thirty prominent tech startup investors sent a letter urging Congress to enact broad patent reform. The letter, delivered by the App Developers Alliance, Engine Advocacy, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, calls on Congress to support reforms including making it easier to efficiently review patents at the PTO and increasing demand letter transparency. 

App Developers Alliance and Electronic Frontier Foundation Join to Stop Patent Troll

The Application Developers Alliance and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have urged a federal court to suspend a patent troll’s litigation attack against bedrock American companies, including Pizza Hut, Starwood, Hilton Hotels, Fandango, StubHub, and Open Table. 

Application Developers Alliance to Counter Patent Troll Suits

Washington, D.C. (April 4, 2013) – The Application Developers Alliance is convening app developers targeted by notorious patent troll Lodsys to mount a legal defense on their behalf. Today’s announcement comes as Lodsys files a new round of lawsuits against companies large and small, including Alliance member TMSOFT, claiming infringement of patents so vague they could apply to virtually any app. The Alliance will partner with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others to provide support and legal counsel to many of Lodsys’ most recent victims.