On Data Privacy Day Apps Alliance Calls For Smart Data Policy That Both Protects People and Encourages Innovation

WASHINGTON, DC – The Application Developers Alliance said today it supports smart privacy policies that both protect personal information and promote data innovation. Today is Data Privacy Day: an internationally-recognized day dedicated to raising awareness of and promoting data protection best practices.

Statement from App Developers Alliance President, Jon Potter:

“Data is the foundation for extraordinary app innovation.  App-based solutions already are advancing  travel, education, transportation and health care, and more new solutions will emerge as the Internet of Things advances. Data is helping to solve big problems, improve our lives and grow our economy.

“Smart public policy should recognize that innovators' and consumers' interests are aligned, and should aggressively address harms resulting from data breaches and misuse while also promoting data practices that promote innovation and benefit consumers.”


The Application Developers Alliance is a non-profit global membership organization that supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We promote industry growth and advocate on public policy and industry issues. The Apps Alliance, which now includes more than 200 corporate members and a 50,000-strong developer network, launched in January of 2012 and initiated European services in early 2014.  Membership includes app publishers, developer agencies, platforms, wireless carriers, hardware manufacturers, ad networks, enterprise tools and service providers.