Industry Leaders Form New Apps Alliance Media and Entertainment Working Group

Washington, D.C. (April 23, 2014) Today the Application Developers Alliance launched its Media and Entertainment Working Group. Members of the new group include industry leading entertainment app publishers, media giants, and companies offering developer tools and services. The new Working Group will provide core expertise and guidance to Alliance members and the app industry on topics including monetization and distribution through commissioned research, white papers, and best practices. 

“OutFit7’s Talking Tom franchise began in the digital world and has since expanded to YouTube, an animated web series and even a TV series. Today app publishers are able to provide more content on more screens than ever before,” said Working Group Chair Cheryl Koll of OutFit7. “I’m eager to lead a group dedicated to promoting continued media and content innovation, while monitoring and addressing the business implications of that growth.”

The group will also advocate for policy proposals that promote media and content innovation and address the real and imminent threat that copyright infringement and global piracy pose to the integrity of digital media business models.

“Developers at companies small and large are facing many of the same challenges—how do we make money with our apps? What tools will help us deliver an outstanding experience to our users? How do we protect our properties from piracy?” said Eugene Stipp of Yahoo, the group’s Vice Chair. “I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues across the industry to address the big questions in the media and entertainment app industry.”

Cheryl Koll of OutFit7, creator of global entertainment brands best known for its Talking Tom Franchise, will serve as the group’s chair, Eugene Stipp with Yahoo will serve as the vice-chair and Philip Cardinale with DrinkerBiddle will be the Secretary. Initial members include Agecheq, Appsflyer, BluFocus, CBS Interactive, ConferenceEdge, Dolby, Fortumo, Intel, KPass, Mobile Deluxe, Mobile Roadie, Rocket Farm Studios, Taptica, and Zantler.

“As developers worldwide innovate new ways to entertain consumers on new and changing platforms, the Media & Entertainment Working Group will arm them with knowledge and resources to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape,” said Jon Potter, President of the Application Developers Alliance. “We look forward to seeing what this group of industry leaders will accomplish.”

Application Developers Alliance working groups shape Alliance programs, policies, and resources. The Alliance has standing working groups focused on Business & Revenue, Emerging Technologies & Research, Health & Medical Apps, and Mobile Payments.

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