Application Developers Alliance Launches Working Groups to Support Developer Needs

Washington, D.C. (August 14, 2012)Today, the Application Developers Alliance launched its first industry working groups. These first two groups, Business and Revenue and Emerging Technologies and Research, are comprised of Alliance members and tasked with shaping Alliance programs and services to support the application developer community. Each working group will provide core expertise and guidance to the Alliance through policy recommendations, white papers, commissioned research, and best practices.

“We’re bringing together the expertise of Alliance members to overcome the challenges the industry faces and capitalize on the opportunities developers have everyday. Alliance working groups will be the driving force behind our programs, initiatives, and events,” said Alliance President Jon Potter. “Looking thoughtfully into the future of the industry and supporting the ability of developers to create profitable revenue streams are essential parts of our mission, but this is just the beginning. We will be announcing several more groups in the coming months.”

The Business and Revenue working group will promote best practices and work to expand revenue generation opportunities for application developers and related businesses. The group’s goal is to expand the size and strength of the application economy. The Business and Revenue Working Group will be chaired by Trevor Cornwell, founder and CEO of appbackr. The Vice Chair will be Laura Buchman, VP of Business Development at Mojiva.

"No greater challenge--and opportunity--exists than helping developers find better ways to monetize their apps. appbackr is very pleased to be leading the Business and Revenue Group within the Alliance. This group will help identify and further ways that app developers can improve monetization. Done right, this will benefit developers, stores, new business models and consumers,” Cornwell said.

"The business working group will provide small and medium-sized app developers the essential guidance and resources on how to best harness monetization opportunities within the mobile advertising industry. We are looking forward to our leadership role in this group to help further grow the app developer community,” said Buchman

The Emerging Technologies and Research working group is tasked with answering the question of what comes next in the application ecosystem. The group will look at ways to support continued innovation. Rob Brinson, Board Member and Chair of the Innovation Committee at Smart Online will chair the group, and Jarah Euston, Flurry’s Director of Analytics as Vice Chair.

“Smart Online is proud to be associated with the Application Developers Alliance and chair the Emerging Technologies Committee. We believe in fostering a culture of innovation, conversation, and guidance in the emerging technologies arena, and the App Developers Alliance is the platform by which we can engage with change makers, influencers, and consumers in this industry,” said Brinson.

“Flurry’s services focus on helping the developer community build better apps and even better app businesses. Accelerated mobile growth is dragging companies into an interdisciplinary battle to run their businesses effectively, or get left behind. We’re excited to help lead the Emerging Technology and Research working group to continue the innovation discourse and drive success for developers,” said Euston.

Additional Alliance members and industry leaders will be announced for each working group in the coming weeks.

Working Group Membership

Business & Revenue: appbackr (Chair), Mojiva (Vice Chair), Appency, Apptentive, Ericsson, Hinge, Twilio, TMSoft, Brad Feld (Managing Director, Foundry Group)

Emerging Technologies & Research: Smart Online (Chair), Flurry (Vice Chair), Applico, Kii Capital, MEDL Mobile, Open Mobile Alliance, Michael Wolf (Vice President, GigaOM)

About the Application Developers Alliance

The Application Developers Alliance is an industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of application developers. Alliance members include more than 8,000 individual application developers and dozens of companies, investors, and stakeholders in the apps ecosystem.