Application Developers Alliance Adds Ten New Members

Washington, D.C. (August 6, 2013) – The Application Developers Alliance has recently expanded its membership to include ten new startup app publishers and app development firms. Buzztouch, ConIT AG, Concise Software, Famigo, Feathr, Jump Rope, Mowgli, Ploonky, Savvy Apps, and Vision Smarts have joined the Alliance.

“I've been impressed with what the Alliance has accomplished in a short period of time,” said Ken Yarmosh, Founder and CEO of Savvy Apps. “I'm looking forward to being an active contributing member in the second half of 2013 and beyond.”

"Our design and developer team is at the center of our work at Mowgli - offering players the unique ability to create something real that has value, and take it outside the game. We are looking forward to partnering with the Alliance as they advocate on key issues facing developers today,” said Marshall Seese, Founder & CEO of Mowgli.

As Alliance members, the companies will have access to a network of more than 25,000 individual developers, more than 135 companies, and the DevsBuild.It resource center. Members also influence and guide Alliance advocacy efforts on behalf of the developer community.

Alliance members have the opportunity to participate in Alliance working groups. Feathr and Jump Rope will be joining the Business and Revenue working group. In addition, Feathr will participate in the Emerging Technologies working group and Jump Rope will join the Mobile Payments working group. Famigo and BuzzTouch will bring their expertise to the Kids and Education working group, and BuzzTouch will also join the Health and Medical working group while Famigo also joins the Emerging Technologies working group.

“This new class of members is evidence that app industry innovation isn’t only happening in Silicon Valley and New York. These companies come from cities with burgeoning startup communities, like Atlanta, Gainesville, Hoboken, and Milwaukee,” said Jon Potter, President of the Application Developers Alliance. “Our new members also publish a range of innovative apps including educational tools, music technology, improved event experiences, and more. We look forward to representing this diverse and dynamic group.”

New members include:


Buzztouchis open source, flexible, powerful, and professional web-based software that powers tens of thousands of iPhone,iPad and Android applications. The Buzztouch platform enables developers to create mobile applications (“apps”) and manage dynamic content within existing apps. It is used in conjunction with the iOS and Android software developer kits (SDK’s). Founded in 2009 by IT entrepreneur David Book, Buzztouch is used by more than 200,000 people worldwide. Buzztouch headquarters are located in Monterey, California. For more information visit


ConIT AG is a swiss-based company that makes AppZapp, an App-Discovery Tool for iPhone, iPad and Android. AppZapp also offers several services for App-Developers such as the "Follow us" Service.

Concise Software

Concise Software is a team of software engineers, organized and devoted to supporting customers' entrepreneurial innovation efforts. Located in Rzeszow, Poland, and Berlin, Germany, Concise Software provide development and engineering services, specifically tailored to companies and entrepreneurs active in the dynamic consumer internet, mobile, social and gaming markets.


Famigo is a startup based in Austin, Texas whose mission is to make mobile technology work for families. They build software that, with the push of a button, partitions your mobile device by automatically separating meaningful and relevant children's content from the rest of the device's capabilities. By creating this sandboxed environment, the child is free to explore curated kid-friendly content.


Conferences are about people; Feathr makes conference apps that put people first. Feathr supercharges the event networking experience, enabling attendees to easily connect and follow up with each other as well as featuring interactive profiles for speakers, sponsors, and exhibiting companies.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope is a mobile platform where you can purchase preferred and priority access to places, products, events, and services. Jump Rope is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.


Mowgli is an entertainment technology focused on enabling creation through gamified application.


Ploonky is a web and mobile tech consulting firm based in Hoboken, New Jersey. They are a seasoned group of development and design professionals. Their clients include Juggernaut and TuOrbit.

Savvy Apps

Savvy apps is a results-driven, mobile agency based just outside Washington, D.C. Our laser focus in mobile and proven process has produced more than ten featured applications across Android, iOS, & Windows Phone, four #1 applications in their respective categories, and the coveted Editor's Choice by Apple, the highest honor in the App Store.

Vision Smarts

Vision Smarts is a Belgian company that develops, distributes, and supports software libraries for image recognition and real-time video analysis. Its flagship product is a barcode scanner SDK that can read UPCs and EANs on any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device, even without autofocus.

About Application Developers Alliance

The Application Developers Alliance is an industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of application developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Alliance members include more than 25,000 individual application developers and more than 135 companies, investors, and stakeholders in the apps ecosystem.