App Developers Alliance: White House Champions Innovators

Washington, D.C. (June 4, 2013) – Today, the Application Developers Alliance commended the plan released by the White House to combat patent trolls. The plan offers a series of reforms, including seven legislative proposals and five executive actions.

“It is time to snuff out patent trolls and end the damage they inflict on our economy and to innovators,” said Jon Potter, President of the Application Developers Alliance. “The White House plan shows app developers and entrepreneurs that they have an ally in the White House in the fight against trolls. Along with several Congressional proposals, this multi-faceted slate of reforms will go a long way to curbing abusive patent litigation.”

Among the White House proposals are some high priorities for app developers and entrepreneurs, including important pre-litigation transparency in patent troll demand letters and expansion of the Covered Business Method post-grant review program proposed by Senator Schumer.

“The combination of transparency in demand letters and an expanded Covered Business Method post-grant review program can be extraordinarily meaningful to developers and entrepreneurs,” said Potter. “We urge Congress to effectively attack patent trolling by enacting many of the reforms proposed today and by Chairmen Goodlatte and Leahy and Senators Schumer and Cornyn.”

The Application Developers Alliance is currently hosting Developer Patent Summits nationwide, including a summit this week in Austin, Texas convening app developers, entrepreneurs, patent experts, and policymakers to discuss software patent challenges, trolls, and ideas for reform. Learn more at:

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