App Developers Alliance Hails Innovation Act Reintroduction

Urges Rapid Action to Protect Startups and App Developers from Patent Trolls

Washington, D.C. – The Application Developers Alliance praised House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), for reintroducing the Innovation Act and re-starting Congressional activity to protect innovators and businesses from abusive patent trolls.

“Reintroduction of the Innovation Act is an important first step toward eradicating patent troll abuse and extortion," said Jon Potter, President of the App Developers Alliance.

"Without legislation to protect them, many small innovators are forced to make unjustified payments to predatory patent trolls, simply because paying is less costly than hiring expensive patent lawyers.  Patent trolls are a tax on innovation and threaten small companies nationwide.” 

The Application Developers Alliance supports legislative reforms that undermine the patent troll business model without harming legitimate patent enforcement. The Alliance supports policies that short-circuit frivolous litigation, address the imbalance in litigation burdens, and ensure transparency and specificity in demand letters and complaints.


The Application Developers Alliance is a non-profit global membership organization that supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We promote industry growth and advocate on public policy and industry issues. The Apps Alliance, which now includes more than 200 corporate members and a 50,000-strong developer network, launched in January of 2012 and initiated European services in early 2014.  Membership includes app publishers, developer agencies, platforms, wireless carriers, hardware manufacturers, ad networks, enterprise tools and service providers.