Statement from the Developers Alliance on Congressional Consideration of Open Internet Rules


Contact: Chris Grimm -

Washington, DC -- Developers Alliance President and CEO Jake Ward released the following statement regarding Congressional consideration of open Internet rules.

“The Developers Alliance supports a stable environment that promotes innovation and business growth. Developers need an Internet – wired and wireless – that is open, competitive, stable, fast, and fair to all who use it. A set of rules, established by Congress, will finally put the issue of Net Neutrality to rest, and support future investment and innovation.

“The torturing of the 1934 Communications Act to force it to accommodate the Internet has been painful to watch. Rather than viewing the FCC as abandoning the field, we should encourage them to make way for congressional action to once and for all set the rules for digital economy and legacy telecom cooperation. Both government bodies and both political parties should consider the stabilizing value of legislation. After more than a decade, developers would relish the certainty that narrowly and carefully crafted bipartisan legislation could bring to this issue. More years of litigation will simply create uncertainty that will undermine developers’ efforts to innovate and invest in our technology future.

"We, as an industry, should call on Congress to put rules in place that keep the Internet open, encourage investment in networks, and that stick. We welcome a legislative discussion that will provide the certainty that developers crave."