Apps Alliance Calls on Congress to Pass Comprehensive Patent Reform to Protect American Innovators and Small Businesses

WASHINGTON, DC – Application Developers Alliance Board Member, Todd Moore, testified before the House Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet today. Moore called on the Committee and Congress to pass comprehensive patent reform legislation to protect American innovators and small businesses from patent trolls. Moore is the founder of mobile app publisher TMSOFT LLC, and was sued by a patent troll in 2013. 

“Patent trolls are real, they are destroying businesses, and they need to be dealt with,” said Moore. “The problem is not with patent licensing, it’s with patent abuse. I have licensed technology from many companies, and in return I have improved my product. That is how legitimate companies use patents to build value. What patent trolls do to small businesses like mine is simply wrong.”

“Dealing with patent trolls is a national imperative. Innovation is being stifled and businesses harmed. The only way to protect true inventors, with real inventions, is for Congress to reform the system to work as intended. We need comprehensive reform that changes the patent troll business model and gives innovators and small businesses a fighting chance.” Moore continued.

The Application Developers Alliance supports legislative reforms that undermine the patent troll business model without harming legitimate patent enforcement. The Alliance supports policies that short-circuit frivolous litigation, address the imbalance in litigation burdens, and ensure transparency and specificity in demand letters and complaints.

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