Apps Alliance Calls for Increased Focus on Patent Quality and Comprehensive Patent Reform Laws Now

WASHINGTON, DC – The App Developers Alliance congratulated the USPTO for its increased focus on patent quality improvements as the USTPO kicks off a summit on the issue.

Statement from App Developers Alliance President, Jon Potter:

“The historic problem of poor quality patents is reflected in the thousands of overly broad and vague patents that have been arming trolls for years. Junk patents allow trolls to extort businesses, costing our economy billions.

“While the USTPO’s new forward-looking focus on patent quality is encouraging, it does not diminish the need for comprehensive patent reform legislation. In order to protect job-creators and the economy we need policies that short-circuit frivolous patent litigation by giving start ups an easy, low-cost opportunity to challenge overbroad, vague, or never-should-have-been-issued patents before litigation. We urge Congress to protect our economy and pass patent reform laws now.”


The Application Developers Alliance is a non-profit global membership organization that supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The Apps Alliance, which now includes more than 200 corporate members and 36,000 individual members, launched in January of 2012 and initiated European services in early 2014.  Membership includes app publishers, developer agencies, platforms, wireless carriers, hardware manufacturers, ad networks, enterprise tools and service providers.