In collaboration with members of the Policy Committee, our policy agenda is focused on promotion of a vibrant, software driven industry. Digital Economy success is driven by three things:

  1. Access to a skilled developer workforce

  2. A healthy and competitive digital marketplace

  3. A free-flow of ideas, content and data upon which to build user value



Developers are a truly global workforce, active wherever there are computing resources available and problems to solve. For the Digital Economy to grow, we must ensure that there is a steady supply of skilled workers, and that anyone who wishes to become a developer has the tools and resources to do so.

  1. Maintaining the ability for skilled developers to work internationally

  2. Building a STEM education pipeline for tomorrow’s workers

  3. Creative retraining and enablement programs for experienced workers to learn innovation, practice entrepreneurial skills and launch their own endeavors



Developers rely on a dynamic and competitive ecosystem to connect them to the global marketplace. Every layer, from developer to platform to device to operating system to user plays a role in how the Digital Economy evolves and grows.

  1. Promoting platform competition while defending the ecosystem from unnecessary government intervention

  2. Promoting fair, enforceable and uniform intellectual property rights

  3. Encouraging a stable set of long-term Open Internet rules

  4. Educating policy makers on regulatory best-practice for the digital economy



Data is the lifeblood of the Digital Economy. The movement, analysis and reconfiguration of billions of small data points is driving tremendous innovations in medicine, manufacturing, science and our social sphere. Without the free-flow of data, the Digital Economy will be stifled, and social value lost.

  1. Minimize barriers to cross-border data flow

  2. Support cybersecurity and data stewardship best practices

  3. Educate policy makers on the role of data in the digital economy and on the checks and balances inherent in the ecosystem