Recap: Washington, DC App Strategy Workshop

The Apps Alliance team has been traveling all over the country for our App Strategy Workshop series, so it was only appropriate for us to have one of our final workshops of 2014 in our hometown of Washington, DC!

Fireside Chat

Greg Blackman of   OpenX   and Kathy Van from   AirPush

Greg Blackman of OpenX and Kathy Van from AirPush

Our DC workshop kicked off with a fireside chat on user engagement and monetization featuring Greg Blackman of OpenX and Kathy Van from AirPush.

Both Greg and Kathy stressed the importance of developers having a plan in place well before the launch date to implement in-app ads. This strategy maximizes opportunities for monetization and for retaining users. 

Having ads within your app from the initial launch date sets expectations for UX, otherwise users might be turned off transitioning from an in-app experience without ads to one that is ad-supported.

What is Your User Worth?

Jake Ward, Eric Newman from  Mobile Posse , Chris Beauchamp from  Crittercism , Andrew Bradway from  Millennial Media , Kevin Alansky from  SocialRadar , & Bob Dieterle from  MobileSmith

Jake Ward, Eric Newman from Mobile Posse, Chris Beauchamp from Crittercism, Andrew Bradway from Millennial Media, Kevin Alansky from SocialRadar, & Bob Dieterle from MobileSmith

Next up was a discussion focused on understanding the value of your users with panelists from Crittercism, Millennial Media, Mobile Posse, MobileSmith, and SocialRadar.

One of my favorite key takeaways from the panel discussion was the importance of getting as many users to the top of the UA funnel as possible, so that developers have a larger sample size to compare and track the lifetime value of their users. If users aren’t monetizing, developers should take a close look at their content to make sure what they are providing is unique and valuable to their user base.

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