Recap: Philadelphia App Strategy Workshop

As the final stop of our cross-country, 15 city road trip, we were ready to climb the Rocky steps and finish up the year with our first ever Philadelphia App Strategy Workshop.

Resources, Tools, and Tips for Building Apps

Greg Blackman, Tom Sipple from  AppLovin , Kyle Martin from  SnipSnap , Norm Alger from  Digitas

Greg Blackman, Tom Sipple from AppLovin, Kyle Martin from SnipSnap, Norm Alger from Digitas

With panelists from AppLovin, Digitas, and SnipSnap, our first panel of the day was a deep dive into the secrets of engaging and retaining users throughout the lifecycle of an app.

User acquisition was the primary discussion topic, with the panelists encouraging developers not to spend money on installs until every user action is properly tracked and their UA funnel is simple to push users through.

Relationship building was a key topic as well, with Kyle Martin of SnipSnap explaining to the audience that researching people on different product teams within Apple's App Store is a great way to get your app noticed and potentially featured.

Make Money With Apps

Max Rollinger from Apps Alliance, Bill Rawls from  Millennial Media , Andrew Gilligan from  Smaato , Todd Marks from  Mindgrub , Audrey Troutt from  Artisan Mobile

Max Rollinger from Apps Alliance, Bill Rawls from Millennial Media, Andrew Gilligan from Smaato, Todd Marks from Mindgrub, Audrey Troutt from Artisan Mobile

Our final panel of the day was an app monetization roundtable that brought together experts from Artisan Mobile, Millennial Media, Mindgrub, and Smaato.

The importance of incentivizing users was a major topic of discussion. Panelists agreed that the easiest way to ensure paying users continue to monetize is to engage them with physical and virtual rewards, making their user experience valuable.

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