Videos Shot Live from App Planet, Mobile World Congress 2016

I love my job. As the Sr. Director of Marketing and Events for the Apps Alliance, I am able to travel the world and gather valuable insights and best practices to share with our developer membership.  

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I caught up with Alliance members - and not coincidentally, some of the most brilliant minds in the industry - to discuss tips and advice for app developers and publishers to consider implementing in 2016.

Watch the videos below as experts explore a wide range of topics including:

  • IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER: The Importance of Customer Feedback & Engagement
  • DEVELOPERS, STAY CREATIVE: Advice on Leveraging Market Growth for Your App 
  • TIPS TO DRIVE REVENUE: How to Maximize App Revenue 
  • TAKING CONTROL IN 2016: The Value of Leveraging Analytics 
  • IN-APP REWARDS = ENGAGEMENT AND REVENUE: Explore All Monetization Opportunities 
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF USER TRACKING: Metrics Based Strategies Win
  • THE RISE OF PROGRAMMATIC: Insights on Programmatic Media Buying for Small to Mid-size Companies
  • DEV ADVICE - LEVERAGE EXISTING PLATFORMS: Stay Focused On Designing Great Software

Also be sure to checkout the Alliance's MWC16 recap blog post featuring highlights from our activities, including hosting three epic parties, a guided tour for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), and research data collection.

It’s all about the customer

At Apptentive, it’s all about customer love. “They’re people, not users,” says Emily Carrion, Head of Marketing at Apptentive. Carrion explains that it’s critical for app publishers to have a clear strategy to listen to and engage with their customers. Watch this interview to learn best practices for improving the customer feedback loop, enhancing engagement, and facilitating customer love <3

Developers, Stay creative!

“By 2020, we project that there’s going to be over $100 billion of revenue generated in the app stores, and over 250 billion app downloads globally,” states Jaede Tan, Territory Director at App Annie. How can developers ride the wave of explosive growth in the app marketplace? Tan advises developers to “stay creative!” Watch this quick interview to uncover key tips to consider throughout 2016.

Tips to Drive Revenue

App developers “need to make sure they’re partnered with the right types of platforms and ad companies to drive the most revenue,” advises Nikao Yang, VP Global Marketing & Business Development at Opera Mediaworks. Yang explains that it’s critical for publishers to have solid monetization and marketing strategies that balance paid and earned media to maximize app revenue. He also provides advice on how to test apps in core markets before scaling globally.

Taking control in 2016

“Keep pushing,” Jason Santillano, Director of Marketing at AppLift, advises app developers. Santillano encourages developers to keep pushing the envelope, leverage analytics to inform strategy, and be mindful of their core target audience. Watch this interview to hear Santillano’s expert advice on capitalizing on success in the growing global app marketplace.

In-app Rewards = Engagement and Revenue

“Plan for monetization before you even get started,” Zach Redler, Senior Director of Marketing at Perk advises app developers. Redler explains that there are a lot of monetization options and it’s important for developers to understand all opportunities and build monetization into UX from the get-go. Watch this interview to hear what Redler has to say about app monetization and user-engagement.

The importance of user tracking

“We reach more than a billion users globally,” states Ragnar Kruse from Smaato. Hear Kruse discuss the importance of tracking customers and analysing user behavior to better target ads and increase app revenue. In this interview, Kruse offers tactics for user tracking and provides best practices to make the most of mobile app monetization opportunities.

The rise of programmatic

Heike Burr and Ben Hasson from the Spyke Media team are excited about the continued growth of the industry and look forward to a strong year for app publishers. “If we have good apps, good users, and good advertisers, everybody will be happy - everyone wins,” states Hasson. Watch this quick interview to hear Spyke Media’s insights about enhanced programmatic media buying opportunities for small to medium size publishers, and trends to look out for in 2016.

dev Advice: Leverage existing platforms

“2016 is a year of transition for the mobile industry,” states Gary Roshak from Edge Spectrum, Inc. “It’s a great time to be a software developer.” Gary Roshak and Rob Frederick advise developers to utilize existing platforms and services so they don’t have to “write to the metal,” but rather, focus on building well designed software and differentiating themselves as a business. With explosive growth and potential in IoT, both Rob and Gary urge developers to explore opportunities in the IoT space. They also explain why Seattle, WA is an emerging hub for innovation and development.

Mobile World Congress 2016 Party Recap Videos

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