Famigo on the Value of Coding Education

This podcast is part of the Application Developers Alliance “Developing for Good: Kids Who Code” campaign. With “Kids Who Code,” we are celebrating the trend of youth digital literacy. Find out more about the campaign here. Upcoming “Developing for Good” campaigns include “Productivity,” “Public Safety,” “Energy Efficiency,” and more.

“Mobile web is our Wild West; it’s our frontier,” says Matt McDonnell of Famigo. Today’s children are experiencing a very different Internet than the children of the last few decades. With the ongoing evolution of the Internet, having working knowledge of how devices function may help children be prepared for a more connected world.

When it is appropriate to start teaching children about the Internet, privacy and learning to code? Do K-12 schools have a responsibility to help parents teach children about these issues? Does coding literacy help children grow into better contributors to society?

In the latest Wireframes podcast from the Apps Alliance, Jacob Goldstein asks Matt McDonnell of Famigo the questions on the minds of developers, parents and educators alike. Listen in as they explore computer science, privacy, and education reform in the context of Developing for Good: Kids Who Code.

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