Customer Lifetime Value and the business of Mobile Gaming with Applift

The viral success of games like Flappy Bird signify a mobile gaming market that is and will be a fantastic opportunity for developers for years to come. However, the vast majority of mobile games publishers will never be lucky enough to launch a viral sensation. But even without that level of exposure and adoption, it is possible to create a thriving business out of mobile gaming.

One of the foundations of a successful business strategy in mobile gaming is understanding and using Customer Lifetime Value. Determining the total value of a user allows you to not only modify your user retention programs to keep your best customers happy, but it also enables you to identify your where your most valuable users are coming from and shift user acquisition strategies accordingly.

In the latest Apps Alliance Podcast, Thomas Sommer of Applift discusses how best to apply customer lifetime value in a mobile gaming business, along with emerging opportunities and challenges in mobile gaming, such as the regulation of In-App purchases and the difficulty of establishing a strong brand in mobile gaming.


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