Developers & Artificial Intelligence: A Tale of Two Alliances

We’ve got a lot of thoughts on AI in Europe and worldwide. We’ll be sharing them with the European AI Alliance - and welcome YOU to share your thoughts through us as well.

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As you may have noticed from our post recently, we have a lot of thoughts on the prospects of artificial intelligence in Europe. Where better to voice those thoughts than in a multistakeholder forum influencing AI policy in Europe? Well, lo and behold, we’ve joined the European AI Alliance.

As part of its AI Strategy, in April of 2018 the European Commission established a multi-stakeholder forum for engaging in a broad and open discussion of all aspects related to AI policy in Europe. This April the European Commission decided upon a human-centric approach. The intention is to bring the EU approach to the global stage with the aim to build an international consensus on AI ethics guidelines. This approach, and European AI Alliance as a whole, is steered by the High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG).

The AI HLEG serves to advise the commission on many aspects of AI policy on the challenges presented by AI in the policy development process, as well as helping to establish AI ethics guidelines. “...covering issues such as fairness, safety, transparency, the future of work, democracy and more broadly the impact on the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, including privacy and personal data protection, dignity, consumer protection and non-discrimination.” Members of the European AI Alliance forum, like the Developer Alliance, then provide perspectives and interact with the experts of the HLEG AI. Through the HLEG AI, we directly contribute to the European debate on AI/policy-making area.

In April the group presented a document, aimed at providing guidance for all AI applications. The document listed out 7 key requirements for AI systems trustworthiness. This assessment list will undergo a piloting process, all stakeholders being invited to test it and provide practical feedback on how it can be improved, with revisions to be presented in 2020. Feedback on the context-specificity of AI is something of particular interest. The developer community is perfectly positioned to provide a broad variety of examples. As such the Developers Alliance is happy to provide feedback of how the assessment list will impact developers and might be implemented within an organization.

The first European AI Alliance Assembly will be held later this month, June 26th, 2019. Karina Stan, our new Director of EU Policy and Head of Brussels Office will be there, to be the voice of the developers in these discussions. Details for the event:

"This event will mark the one year anniversary of the creation of the European AI Alliance platform. It will bring together stakeholders, including citizens, and policymakers during a full day event."

"During the event, the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG), which is the AI Alliance’s steering group, will present two important milestones of its work:

The Policy and Investment Recommendations on AI, addressed to the European Commission and  Member States.

The Launch the piloting process of the AI Ethics Guidelines presented during the Digital Day 2019

The second part of the day will allow participants to take part in interactive workshops on the next steps of the European AI Strategy. The workshop discussions will serve as an input to future policy making."

If you are a developer in Europe or working on AI and are interested in participating having your concerns or comments heard please let us know!