Announcing the Developers Trust Alliance

The world of data is evolving; from how it's collected, used, managed, and stored to the user-developer relationship. There's a gap between what consumers think is happening with their data, or what they read in the news when there's a breach or hack, and what measures developers are actually taking to ensure security, transparency, and the responsible use of data.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Developers Trust Alliance, a special project of the Developers Alliance. Our mission is to offer developers a set of principles and best practices that promote user trust; and to educate consumers and those outside of the developer community about the different types of data and how data is used.

Commit to adopting the best practices and show it to the world. Are you a developer and want to commit to following the Developers Trust Alliance Best Practices on data? Once you make the commitment, we'll share an icon for your website or app and add you to the Trusted Developers list on our website.

Why should developers join the DTA? Because it’s what consumers are looking for. We surveyed 500 U.S.-based consumers over the summer to ask them about their confidence in developers when it comes to transparency and securing the data that they are asked to share.

  • 83% of users agree that developers should follow best practices on informing users what data they want them to share and how they are using it.

  • 89% of users say it is important to them that developers clearly tell you what data they want them to share and how they're using it. 53% say it is "extremely" important.

  • 79% of users say they more likely to visit a website or download an app if they are clearly told what data they are being asked to share with them and how it will be used.

We are proud to announce our first follower: MedlMobile. President Dave Swartz explains why he was honored to be the first company to sign on board in this blog post.

After a board meeting of the Developers Alliance back in early 2018, a few of us discussed the (then) coming GDPR requirements - and how they would impact developers here in the U.S. The sense was that eventually, the U.S. would follow in Europe’s footsteps - and because of the political uncertainty, those regulations could take a number of directions. 

In an effort to lead that direction to a place that we believe best works for developers, development and innovation - while also protecting our privacy and data as citizens - we undertook to get out ahead of government regulation by creating a grassroots program that the Developers Alliance could spearhead.

Interested in learning more? Check out the DTA Website here:

Interested in adopting the best practices and becoming a trusted developer? Start the application process here:

Watch this space for more updates.