Secretary Clinton Shares Positive Tech Agenda for Devs

This brief is meant to be a non-partisan, objective summary of Secretary Clinton’s technology platform. We will evaluate other presidential candidates’ plans when they are released.

Secretary Hillary Clinton

Secretary Hillary Clinton

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton, has released a 14-page position paper outlining her technology platform. It touches on a number of issues, including encryption and privacy, patent litigation reform, international data flows, and the digital divide. If elected, developers can expect Secretary Clinton to engage on many issues they are monitoring closely.

What This Means For You

The agenda put forth by Secretary Clinton is expansive and ambitious. While it remains to be seen which items on her agenda she can accomplish should she be elected, her support for and insights on many of the issues developers care about are important steps toward promoting innovation.

Five broad themes help frame Secretary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation. These five themes include goals that, if achieved, would support the developer workforce.

  1. “Building the Tech Economy on Main Street” increase access to capital for small businesses and startups, and investments in STEM education.

  2. “Investing in World-Class Digital Infrastructure” close the digital divide, and foster IoT through public investments.

  3. “Advancing America’s Global Leadership in Tech & Innovation” grow American technology exports, clamp down on economic espionage, increase investments in cybersecurity, and safeguard international data flows.  

  4. “Promote Innovation While Protecting Privacy” reduce regulatory barriers to entry, improve the patent litigation system, protect consumer privacy without stifling innovation, and support the McCaul-Warner commission on encryption.

  5. “Smarter and More Innovative Government” make digital services a permanent part of the executive branch, recognize that technology and the developers who create it can improve outcomes and government accountability, and make more government data available for public use.

Secretary Clinton’s agenda is progress for the developers on the front lines of today’s digital economy. The plan supports innovation, promoting an environment where developers can continue to create products, jobs, and economic growth.