AppLovin’s Apple TV App Challenge Offers Great Opportunities for tvOS Developers

Our member, AppLovin, is a marketing platform that provides marketing analytics and insights to brands who want to reach their customers on mobile platforms. AppLovin is celebrating the new era of tvOS by inviting developers to win big prizes by participating in their Apple TV App Challenge

Apps are the future of TV and the Apple TV App Challenge aims to cultivate innovation on this new platform and contribute to the TV app ecosystem. The Apple TV App Challenge consists of two different challenges: the tvOS App Contest and the one-day tvOS Hackathon. Developers can choose to participate in one or both of the challenges.

The tvOS App Contest is broken into two categories: Original Apps and Ports. The Original Apps category gives developers the chance to submit completely new, unpublished Apple TV apps by March 31st. The top 3 apps in this contest will take home $25,000, $5,000 and $1,000 respectively. The Ports category is for unpublished Ports of iOS apps with incredible tvOS-native features. One winner in the Ports category will receive $5,000. Finalists in both categories will have the opportunity to present their apps to developers, VC’s and Journalists. 

The other half of the Apple TV App Challenge is the One-Day tvOS Hackathon. AppLovin is hosting a Hackathon for tvOS developers in their San Francisco offices the weekend of April 16-17. Over the course of 24 hours, developers will be asked to make a creative tvOS app from scratch. The two chosen winners from this event will receive $5,000 and the chance to demo their app to journalists, VCs and other influencers.

What are you waiting for? Space is limited so hurry and sign up!