Exclusive Videos from Wearable World Congress 2015

The proliferation of wearable technology has begun, and things are about to get interesting. This was definitely the vibe Apps Alliance felt at Wearable World Congress 2015 this year in San Francisco. Running the gamut from eHealth and med-tech, to drums you can play with your pants, there was a wide variety of wearable devices on display. The sense of possibility and creativity in the room was palpable.

In true Apps Alliance fashion, we attended the conference with a camera crew to capture the freshest insights on wearable development. Watch the videos below from industry-leading innovators on current trends, the future of wearable technology, and opportunities for development in this space.

Fireside Chat with Eric Migicovsky (Pebble)

Wearable World 2015 kicked off with a chat featuring Eric Migicovsky, the founder and CEO of Pebble. Eric was happy to share tips on how to crowdfund successfully and how to maximize third-party accessibility. Check out these valuable first-hand tips from the guy who kickstarted the wearables movement.

Industry Insight from Key Players in the Wearables Space

We hit the show floor and gathered some interesting information from many of the top players in the wearables space. We chatted about everything from the hottest wearable trends to techniques to ensure developers are making the most out of user data. Check out our videos for vital tips on the world of wearable tech, as we speak with Mitchell Weller of Skully, Ethan Schur of Grush, Oskar Kalmaru of Narrative, Andreas Birnik of CreoPop, Andrew Song of Indiegogo, Patrick Muggler of Amby Gear, Steven Spivak of The Wearables Store, Leslie Bull of Autodesk, and Will Summerlin of Pinn.

Interested in wearables? So are we! Check out a whitepaper on wearbles produced in collaboration with our Emerging Technologies Working Group

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