Apps Alliance at AppsWorld North America

We were happy to once again attend AppsWorld North America this year. As a conference focused on highlighting the trends, challenges, and opportunities in today's mobile app ecosystem, it was a great opportunity to gain insights and advice for our developer community. 

At this gathering of over 10,000 app industry professionals, we shot 24 videos focusing on enterprise development, IoT, app monetization solutions and trends, and strategies for leveraging analytics. You can view key interviews below, and be sure to watch all of the videos here


Opportunity for Developers in the Enterprise Space 

Currently, only 15% of independent developers are developing in the enterprise space. Why is it important for developers to get in now? How can developers and entrepreneurs utilize this rich, growing market?

Featuring Samantha Ready of Salesforce, Girish Avantsa of PopcornApps, Michael Ludden of Nexmo, and Samir Ghosh of WaveMaker.

Exciting Promise in the World of IoT

IoT has exploded in the past year. Where is it headed? Where the most advantageous opportunities for developers? 

Featuring Greg Knowles of IBM, Janaina Pilomia of Samsung, Matthew Creager of Heroku, Narayan Sainaney of Mojio, Chasten Contaoi of Intel, and Sean Anderson of Rackspace.   

Upcoming Trends in App Monetization

What are some of the current trends in the monetization space? How can ads be more contextual? How and where should you be investing your budget?

Featuring Peter Jacobsen of Calldorado and Jason Santillano of AppLift.

Insights and Analytics are Crucial for App Success

What type of insight and analytics challenges do today's developers face? What's the trick to succeeding in a foreign market? How can you increase engagement?

Featuring Mike Brough of M2Catalyst, Mada Seghete of Branch Metrics, and Remco van den Elzen of App Annie.


Alliance Industry Insights 

Jon Potter—President and Co-Founder of the Apps Alliance—was invited to be the chairman of Developer World. Here he gave a keynote presentation featuring a sneak-peek at industry findings the Apps Alliance uncovered in a recent global developer survey. Potter also moderated panels on the Opportunity for Developers and Wearable Devices, and Smart Strategies to Acquire, Monetize and Retain Users.

We'd like to thank Salesforce, PopcornApps, Nexmo, WaveMaker, IBM, Samsung, Heroku, Mojio, Intel, Rackspace, M2Catalyst, Branch Metrics, Calldorado, AppLift, and App Annie for sharing their insights with us. Click here to watch all of our videos from AppsWorld featuring advice and resources towards making an app successful. Enjoy the video below as these industry leaders describe the app industry in word. We'll see you next year, AppsWorld North America!