How To Programme A Robot: The Europe Code Week Workshop For Students

The Apps Alliance, Dwengo and Google organised the workshop “How To Programme A Robot: The EU Code Week Workshop For Students”, which took place on 15th October at the Google offices in Brussels. The initiative was part of the Europe Code Week 2015. The 3-hour workshop introduced the basics of graphical modelling language and coding. The students learned how to “talk” with a real robot, using programming language.

The training was provided by Dwengo, which is a volunteer organisation that supports teachers with the implementation of STEM in their classrooms. Nowadays students start with coding lessons earlier than ever and often at primary school age. 21st century children grow up with tech devices like smartphones and tablets in their hands, so it came as no surprise that students demonstrated amazing skills in not just working with robots, but also programming their actions. 

“The Apps Alliance supports the improvement of e-skills at every age and it was extremely motivating to work with such capable and involved students.” said Catriona Meehan, Apps Alliance EU Policy Director. 

The Apps Alliance is focusing on a broad area of digital skills which include issues such as digital skills trainings and apprenticeships, raising awareness for safer online communication, tailored trainings for the current job market, reskilling of unemployed workers and more. 

The main trainer was Francis Wyffles, co-founder of and educator at Dwengo, who is specialised in robotics. The students also had a chance to meet and have informal networking session with Karen Mouws, educator and STEM advocate and Christian Wagner, Public Policy and Government Relations Analyst at Google and Jelle Roets, hardware and software developer.