Recap: Warsaw App Strategy Workshop

On 22 October, the Application Developers Alliance hosted their App Strategy Workshop in Warsaw. With around 100 app developers and entrepreneurs in attendance, here are the key moments from the event. 

Panel One: Think Like Them: Creating Great Mobile UX/UI

Magdalena Ostoja Chyzynska (Human Tech Art), Peter Tuszynski (Appvetica), Dawid Wozniak (Netguru), Ivan Hernandez (Digital Loop)

Magdalena Ostoja Chyzynska (Human Tech Art), Peter Tuszynski (Appvetica), Dawid Wozniak (Netguru), Ivan Hernandez (Digital Loop)

Speaking on the topic of creating great mobile UX/UI were Peter Tuszynski, Appvetica, Dan Young of DXY, Magdalena Ostoja-Chyzynska of Human Tech Art, Dawid Wozniak of Netguru. Ivan Hernandez of Digital Loop moderated the panel.

Focus on one feature rather than multiple for better quality UX

Having multiple functionalities of an app can be detrimental to an apps user experience; Peter of Appvetica suggests that app developer should focus on building one feature as multiple features can often clutter the users journey.

Understand the users actual needs

Dawid of Netguru recalls conducting UX interviews, where he received drastically different reviews for his app. Magdalena of Human Tech Art also placed great importance in getting users, who do not have a vested interested in the app, and conducting research when users are in real world situations.

Panel Two: Making Money with Apps

Filip Milosewski (Listonic), Jamie Walters (Millennial Media), Stefan Bielau (Dynamo Partners)

Filip Milosewski (Listonic), Jamie Walters (Millennial Media), Stefan Bielau (Dynamo Partners)

Speaking on this topic included: Vincent Vergonjeanne of EVERYDAYiPLAY, Filip Miloszewski of Listonic, Jamie Walters of Millenial Media. Moderating the panel was Stefan Bielau of Dynamo Partners.

Consider advertising early on

Implementing adverts can be tricky as all apps are different. Jamie of Millennial Media suggests that prior to building the app, developers should develop a monetization strategy from day one.

Retention is a must

Vincent of EVERYDAYiPLAY advises some app developers who do not run ads to focus on building their user base and use retention as the key indicator in their monetization success.

Video ads can be a great way to monetize

Filip of Listonic suggests that publishers should consider video ads, as it does not damage the users experience, and has the highest cost per acquisition (CPA)

Fireside chat: Startup Journey: The Road to Success

It took Listonic four iterations before receiving their first great review; Filip says that first customer can boost the drive for success for any app publisher, and suggests any app developer to develop a clear revenue strategy early on, as Listonic faced many trials over this.

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