Apps Alliance Members on the 32 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising

As the Director of Membership for the Apps Alliance, I have had the unique opportunity to meet with a diverse network of companies within the app ecosystem. When I started this job three years ago, I quickly learned that in the tech industry, men dramatically outnumber women. The unbalanced gender ratio was both intimidating and discouraging for a woman new-comer.  But as I started to meet women at various tech companies, I found them to be nothing short of awe-inspiring leaders and real-life testaments that women are powerful, influential luminaries within the tech industry. Over the years, it has been encouraging to see the number of women working in tech greatly increased.

So with the release of Business Insider's, 32 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising, I would like to take a minute to recognize Apps Alliance members and the leaders that are paving the way for the future working women in tech: 

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Jarah Euston   Flurry

Jarah Euston


Molly Moriarty   AdColony

Molly Moriarty


Katie Jensen   AppLovin

Katie Jensen


Stephanie Bauer Marshall   Verizon Wireless 

Stephanie Bauer Marshall

Verizon Wireless 

Mari Kim Novak   Rubicon Project

Mari Kim Novak

Rubicon Project

Laura Buchman   Tremor Video

Laura Buchman

Tremor Video

Si Shen    PapayaMobile

Si Shen 


Hear insights from a few of the winners at past Apps Alliance programs and events: 

Si Shen, PapayaMobile 

Jarah Euston, Flurry

Laura Buchman, Tremor Video 


Posted by:

Laura Bolos, Director of Membership