Mobile Payments: An Infographic About How Consumers Use Mobile Payments

Today, our Mobile Payments Working Group released an infographic about how consumers use mobile payments in their apps. The infographic is intended to help developers understand how payment tools can make the user experience more convenient and enjoyable and can lead to higher retention and increased revenue. The group includes representatives from Applico, CardFlight, Fortumo, Gloebit, Intel, Intuit, JumpRope, Lotaris, Parks Associates, PayPal, Pillsbury, SimPalm, and TabbedOut.

Here are a few key takeaways from the infographic:

  • 37% of U.S. consumers reported using mobile payments. The primary use is a quick check-out experience.
  • Even more, 41% percent of North American smartphone users are highly aware that their phones can be used as mobile payment devices at a retail store. There is a huge opportunity for mobile retail apps.
  • Yet only 16 percent have actually used their phone as a mobile payment device at a retail store. Making your customers aware of your mobile payment features is key.
  • The most popular reason consumers try a mobile payments app is for deals and offers. This can be a great way to drive users to your app and promote your mobile payment feature.
  • Mobile payments are primarily served through payment platforms, point-of-sale (POS) services, peer-to-peer (P2P) services, and mobile retail apps.

Does your app have a mobile payment component? If so, how does it help your users?

Check out the infographic below or click here to view an expanded version and embed it on your blog. You can find more resources on mobile payments and commerce on DEVSBUILD.IT here.