Introducing the DEVSBUILD.IT App Industry Search Engine

Today the Apps Alliance introduces the DEVSBUILD.IT app industry search engine. The site is a central hub of quality business tools, industry insight, and policy information to help developers build apps and companies. DEVSBUILD.IT is populated with developer-centric content including articles, guides, research, industry events, and videos. Content is contributed exclusively by the Apps Alliance, our partners, and our nearly 200 corporate members. 

There is no shortage of information available to developers. The challenge for developers and app companies at every stage is finding the right resources and correct answers to their specific questions. DEVSBUILD.IT gives developers a virtual seat at the table with industry experts and access to information that will help them succeed, build innovative apps and stronger businesses.

DEVSBUILD.IT is a platform for the industry to collectively promote innovation and growth. It aims to help developers and startups tackle app industry challenges like app monetization strategies, app store discoverability, or complying with privacy laws. 

"When I first launched my app White Noise in 2008, the app world was a much simpler place," said Todd Moore, Founder and CEO of TMSOFT. “Today there are a lot of choices when it comes to monetization strategies and app store discoverability. Developers need a central hub to get quick answers and the Apps Alliance is creating a platform to make this process easier.”

In addition to aggregating industry research reports, white papers, and studies, DEVSBUILD.IT also serves as an interactive platform for Apps Alliance developer members. Members logged into DEVSBUILD.IT are able to access exclusive content, such as early research reports and webinars from leading firms like VisionMobile and discounts on services and event registration.

Join the Alliance as a developer free of charge at

To learn more, visit DEVSBUILD.IT or watch this brief video.