Education Apps Targeted by Proposed State and Federal Laws

Brief Summary:
Two U.S. Senators have proposed limiting apps’ and digital services’ collection and use of student information.
Who should pay attention?
Developers and publishers of apps and online services that serve students, teachers, schools, or school districts that receive public funding.
The federal legislation would update the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a 1974 law that protects students’ privacy by requiring parental permission before student information is shared with third parties.

What would the proposed legislation do?

  • Set minimum security requirements, like password protection, on student information databases
  • Limit school districts' and app publishers' ability to sell student data or use it for marketing purposes
  • Allow parents to review and correct data collected about students

What’s next?
We will be monitoring this legislation closely to ensure that developers can offer innovative new solutions to help students, parents, teachers, and administrators advance kids’ education.
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