Obama Champions Innovators in State of the Union

Tonight the App Developers Alliance thanked President Obama for again urging Congress to enact critical patent reform.
“We thank and agree with President Obama: patent trolls stick it to innovators and all Americans, and Congress should shut them down,” said Alliance President Jon Potter. “We look forward to working with the Senate Judiciary Committee to support a strong, effective patent reform bill that attacks abusive troll litigation and the poor-quality patents trolls use as weapons of extortion." 
“The President’s inclusion of patent reform in tonight’s State of the Union address is an important signal to Congress that action is needed, and a sign to small businesses and innovators that help is on the way. The Innovation Act passed in the House this Fall was a significant first step, but entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses across the country are still being targeted by patent trolls sneaking through the cracks in our patent laws,” concluded Potter.