Apps Alliance Urges White House to Focus on Data Abuses, Protect Innovation

As the White House releases the findings of a 90-day review of government and industry data collection practices by an Administration task force, we urge the Administration to focus policy proposals on real data abuses, while protecting innovation.

“Consumers willingly share data with app developers who use it to deliver a new feature or product innovation. Unfortunately, as has widely been reported, Americans’ data can be misused, by both government and industry,” said Tim Sparapani, Vice President of Government Relations for the Application Developers Alliance. “We thank the White House for highlighting data risks and urge that legislative proposals to address the problem focus on abusive practices and allow for continued data innovation.”
The App Developers Alliance will soon launch a Data, Analytics, and Security Working Group, comprised of industry leaders, that will provide core expertise and guidance to the Alliance and the app industry through commissioned research, white papers, policy recommendations, and best practices.