Alliance Welcomes 16 Corporate Members

Companies Join the Alliance to Support Developers and App Industry Growth

Today the Application Developers Alliance announced 16 companies have joined its membership. The new members, AdColony, APLIKO, appFigures, AppsFlyer, Distimo, Fortumo, Human Demand, Motive Interactive, New Relic, Pollfish, Sauce Labs, Shared2you, Sirqul, Tapstream, Taptica, and Vidmaker, provide developer tools, services, and resources and have joined the Alliance to help support growth in the developer community and in the app economy.

"Having worked with the Alliance for a few months now, it’s very clear we share the same vision that actionable insights are the key to success in the app store,” said appFigures CEO Ariel Michaeli. “We’re really excited to work with them to foster innovation and help developers better understand their data."

“Distimo strives to empower all players in the mobile market space. We aim to educate the app community at large and enable developers of all sizes to reach their fullest potential through actionable data,” said Tanisha Gupta, Director of Marketing at Distimo. “Partnering with the Alliance is a natural extension of our goal to educate the community and industry at large.”

The app industry is growing rapidly, and as new devices, platforms, and tools become available, developers face new challenges in areas including generating revenue, app store discoverability, and app optimization. The new members are dedicated to providing educational resources and guidance to developers through Alliance working groups, events, workshops, podcasts, and other programs.

“Supporting the developer community through education and community activities is a core value for the company,” said Patrick Lightbody, Vice President of Product Management at New Relic. “We are proud to join in the Alliance's mission to help developers understand the ever-changing app ecosystem and how to build the next generation of modern software.”

AdColony, AppsFlyer, Fortumo, Human Demand, New Relic, Taptica, and Vidmaker will participate in Apps Alliance working groups to provide expertise and guidance through research, white papers, policy recommendations, and best practice guides. 

“We really like that the App Developers Alliance is committed to empowering developers to think creatively about monetizing their apps,” said Nikao Yang, SVP Business Development, Monetization and Marketing at AdColony. “We’re excited to help the Alliance’s 30,000 members build better businesses by integrating more effective, high quality advertising technology, and we look forward to supporting open dialogues about the challenges and opportunities in the app economy.”

“Our members join the Alliance because of a genuine interest in promoting innovation and supporting the app ecosystem,” said Alliance President Jon Potter. “Becoming an Alliance member means taking a seat at the table of an organization that works for them, on behalf of the industry, and constantly evolves its services to meet their needs.”

New members include:


AdColony is a mobile video advertising company whose proprietary Instant-Play™ technology serves razor sharp, full-screen video ads instantly in HD across its extensive network of iOS and Android apps. As the leading mobile video advertising and monetization platform, AdColony works with both Fortune 500 brands and more than 70 percent of the world's top grossing publishers. 


APLIKO is a Latin American based company, focused on app creation and development. APLIKO creates apps for enterprise and consumer markets with a focus on idea creation, architecture, graphic design, software development, stores loading, distribution, and marketing.


appFigures is a comprehensive suite of app-data tools built to deliver insights to developers, publishers, and the enterprise. Designed around bringing clarity to complex data, appFigures makes it simple to figure out the insights that matter.


AppsFlyer joins the Alliance to share its experience and insights and to help the community master the most important driver of success – App Measurement. As a Facebook MMP, AppsFlyer is a one-stop shop for any mobile advertiser providing unbiased attribution, mobile campaign analytics and retargeting.


Distimo’s goal is to empower all players in the mobile marketplace with the most accurate business intelligence and market data, so they can be successful in the global app ecosystem. Distimo’s product portfolio consists of three main products: App Analytics, AppIQ and Conversion Tracking. Distimo’s premium product AppIQ provides download and revenue estimates for any app, globally, on all major app stores.


Fortumo allows any merchant to set up payment processing in 80 countries for web and mobile services, games or apps. Users are then able to make payments without a credit card: payments are charged to their mobile operator bill instead. Fortumo payments work on the web, mobile web and in HTML5, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8 apps.

Human Demand

Human Demand provides brands, agencies, and individual app developers with a fully transparent, highly scalable and efficient mobile media solution. HD utilizes real-time bidding (RTB) programmatic exchange buying, and layers in unique data targeting sets including hyper local geo-targeting. It executes rich media and video mobile ad campaigns, in addition to standard mobile display banners.

Motive Interactive

Motive Interactive is a performance-based mobile ad network that represents brands across numerous verticals with a focus on user acquisition for mobile applications. Motive works with many of the top developers to drive quality installs and offer solutions to help monetize their apps. A proven innovator, Motive develops and markets technologies, strategies, and services that have been defining digital marketing since 2003. 

New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real time. Its comprehensive SaaS-based solution provides one powerful interface for web and native mobile applications and consolidates the performance monitoring data for any chosen technology in your environment.


Pollfish is a new interactive app monetization solution for mobile developers that delivers surveys instead of ads. Pollfish surveys pay up to 10 to 20 times more than classic ad networks and developers usually use Pollfish along with other ad networks just to boost their revenue.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs’ cloud testing platform lets users automatically or interactively test your mobile or desktop web app across 300+ OS/Browser platforms, including iOS, Android & Mac OS X. Sauce works locally or behind the firewall with a secure tunnel, and supports any programming language, framework or CI system. 


Shared2you is a Minnesota based company that provides mobile applications, mobile analytics and data to consumers, developers, ad networks, agencies and brands worldwide. Creators of powerslyde, the premier app discovery and sharing platform for iOS and Android, Shared2you consistently delivers highly unique and valuable mobile application discovery, data and insights.


Sirqul focuses on helping app developers and ecosystems get to market faster with the full set of social, ecommerce, and game-based capabilities. It provides complete components that are easily and quickly integrated into both new and existing apps. It’s excited to be part of the App Developers Alliance and to help drive app innovation forward.


Tapstream provides best in class mobile attribution and the value add services that make user acquisition work for growing mobile apps.


Taptica is a leading mobile user acquisition platform for brands and app developers to engage valuable mobile users. The company’s proprietary technology is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning at big data scale, enabling data driven mobile targeting and maximum ROI. Taptica works with 150 advertisers and over 1000 publishing partners, offering market leading ad solutions including mobile re-targeting, guaranteed conversion-to-pay and access to RTB & direct publishing partners.


Vidmaker provides a cloud-based collaborative video editor that makes it easy for casual video creators to find, manage and edit video anywhere and with anyone.