Developer Spotlight: Abhinav Gupta

2014.6.19 Abhinav Gupta.JPG

Name: Abhinav Gupta
Location: Toronto
Company: Game Scorpion

Why did you start coding? 
I started coding when I was 10–12 years old. At that point I got my first computer and I was hooked! I started off playing video games, and then one day I learnt about QBASIC and a game called nibbles.  From that point on my love for development and games was born and I've been coding and developing ever since!

I graduated in 2008 from Ryerson University with a Bachelors of Computer Science.  From that point onwards I've been truly blessed by God to be able to make video games and apps for a living full time.  I travel North America speaking on the topics of mobile apps, technology and motivation.  Most recently, I spoke at AppConext: Auto in Detroit, Michigan about the emerging automobile apps markets and how important the role of apps are going to be going forward.

What are you currently working on?
I'm currently the Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. We are switching over our tools to Unity 3D and we are working on our next major title, which is a 3D Racing game.  We are planning to launch three titles this year including the racing game, an FPS Shooter game and a RPG Role Playing 3D Game.  Aside from that, I'm sharing my skills and knowledge on various stages throughout North America and around the world, as well as serving as the Editor of Appreneur Magazine.

Where do you see the industry going in the next 10 years?
In the next 10 years I see apps becoming the ONLY way to make software.  I see screens on everything, from appliances to t-shirts.  For all these new devices and forms, we are going to need app developers, and so I see our industry growing EXPONENTIALLY!  

Gone will be the days of boxed software (We are already seeing the decline).  Everything will be streamed and we'll be looking at smaller and more compact devices all focused on making our lives connected and within arms reach.  

I see a future where a user starts their session on an iPad, then walks to the living room and continues their session on their PS4, then goes down to grab a bite from the fridge which has a screen on it, then heads out to their car, which continues the session there on a possible hybrid OS.  

Gamification is already transforming things, but it will change our lives even more as we start making apps and games that actually change our lives as we get more connected.  

You can reach Nav at nav [at] gamescorpion [dot] com