The FTC Puts its Money Where its Mouth is and Sues a Troll

The FTC has argued quite a few times before Congress and elsewhere that it has the power to regulate the abusive practices of so-called patent trolls. And now, it has used that power. It settled with MPHJ technologies on Thursday, following several similar settlements the company's made with state AGs. The action is likely a feather in the cap for proponents of narrow patent reform measures, many of whom have argued that Congress needn't change the patent system to fight trolls since the FTC can already go after bad actors. But both Senate Judiciary Chariman Patrick Leahy and other reform supporters pushed back on that attitude: "This action alone will not stop abuse in the patent system,” Leahy said in a statement. And the Application Developers Alliance went further, saying the settlement, which didn't include a monetary penalty, "doesn’t even qualify as a slap on the wrist." Your MT'er has more on that story, for Pros: