The Big Picture: App Privacy Efforts, Stuck

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The Obama administration threw their weight and resources behind an effort to elucidate just what data cellphones are collecting and sharing — but now, two years later, only a handful of companies are committing to using their road map. Alex has the story in today's paper: "The intensive effort led by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration hasn’t moved the ball much, more than a year after the agency last brought together dozens of tech interests and privacy advocates to pull back the curtain on apps that leverage user information. Most mobile companies do have privacy policies, but they aren’t often communicated to users in a concise or standardized way. And with little pressure from the White House and no legislative threat from Congress, tech firms have little incentive to fall in line."

Michelle De Mooy, a senior associate at Consumer Action who helped draft the code of conduct, told Alex, "I still think there is some quality work there, but it was pretty divorced from reality, the process itself, in the sense that there was no real incentive for the big companies — for the ones where it would really make a difference — for them to participate or adopt it."Don't miss the rest: