The Automotive IoT: What Devs Need to Know

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As the idea of a connected car continues to develop, applications and software will become the focus of the Internet of Things in the automotive space. At the 2014 LA Auto Show Connected Car Expo, industry leaders convened to opportunities for and impact on developers.

Featuring Scott Burnell, Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management of Ford Developer Program, the Automotive IoT: What Developers Need to Know panel, sponsored by the Application Developers Alliance and Ford Developer Program, asked questions currently on the minds of developers and consumers alike.

Watch the panel below, and remember these key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Application developers are just beginning to take advantage of the connected car idea. The conversation and applications around the connected car will mature quickly, which will lead to diversity in apps and market availability.
  • Software will go through multiple iterations before developers will truly be able to take advantage and begin to innovate.
  • Who are the early adopters and what features are they looking for? User experience matters! Consumers will not use a feature they don’t enjoy, regardless of innovation.
  • The feature should be seamless to the point of the consumer not even having to think about turning it on. They should also be able to take the feature from the cars they are driving now to the new cars they will own in the future.
  • While the hardware of a feature may be easy to come by, the software is what really distinguishes a product from its competitors.
  • The faster developers can engage the user, the better. Not only will this minimize the market-to-user timeframe, but quick delivery also provides valuable feedback on the feature for developers.

Connected car innovation starts with app development for smartphones, as developers learn the intricacies of the automotive space. Opportunities for developers are growing as companies begin to release SDKs and information to fuel the connection between applications and the connected car. 

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