Praise for Terry's Trol Act

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Rep. Lee Terry's patent draft, which looks to rein in the so-called demand letters trolls send to threaten lawsuits and extract licensing fees, begins to come before a House E&C subcommittee today, and it’s packing at least some moderate praise from some of the groups that have been heavily involved with Washington’s patent debate. The Innovation Alliance, which opposed more aggressive patent reforms, said it appreciated that the bill “appropriately targets abusive behavior rather than particular types of patent owners, while maintaining the integrity of legitimate patent enforcement practices for all patent holders.” And the App Developers Alliance, which reminded in a statement that “developers nationwide were disappointed when the Senate postponed consideration of Chairman Leahy’s patent reform legislation,” still is getting behind the more piecemeal measure. It's not clear yet, though, whether that bill can make it to the House floor, or whether it will encourage the upper chamber to renew its efforts on at least part of a patent reform bill. For now, Commerce subcommittee opening statements start at 4 p.m.