Are You in E-commerce? Intel Wants to Talk to You

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Intel is teaming with eBay and the Application Developers Alliance for a half-day workshop with Portland entrepreneurs within the e-commerce space.

"The goal is to create a workshop themed on how to grow consumer confidence," said organizer Jerrid Matthews, software program development consultant for Intel Corp. "We are looking to have conversations on different perspectives to drive discussions and use a design thinking model. What are the pain points that people go through in the decision process of using e-commerce."

Matthews is still early in the planning for the event and he is looking for entrepreneurs to participate. Specifically, he is looking for CEOs, chief technology officers or engineers who are working on e-commerce platforms, people who are selling their products on these platforms, and anyone else involved in the ecosystem.

The idea is if all these people can talk about the buying process and any difficulties from difference perspectives, each can go back to their companies and develop a better product.

"Design thinking is structured methodology to help you understand the pain points of a specific customer using empathy," Matthews said. "It's a step before the lean business model. If you are an entrepreneur and you go through this process you would use this to understand the consumer and how to do quick, rapid feedback and then offer a solution to (that feedback)."

Matthews teaches these courses for audiences within Intel and for group's outside the company. Wherever these workshops are held, the goal is the same: to build better relationships among the participants of a transaction.

Portland was selected for this workshop because of past success for events held by Application Developers Alliance andIntel's large presence in the area, Matthews said.

The city also has a robust ecosystem of e-commerce firms and companies that use e-commerce platforms to sell product. There are startups like Generous andSellvana to more established companies like Monsoon Commerce and eBay in Portland. The city also has sellers like The Clymb and other retailers, as well as other businesses in the online selling ecosystem like BrandLiveChirpify and Shopigniter.

The event is tentatively scheduled for December and will be hosted at eBay'scommunity space. Matthews is planning to have 40 attend. Anyone interested in attending or being involved can contact Matthews at