Application Developers Alliance Publishes Best Practices for Engaging and Retaining Mobile App Users

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The Application Developers Alliance has released a new report to help provide insight into the best practices for engaging and retaining mobile app customers. The report also suggests metrics for app publishers to follow for achieving these goals. 

The publication is authored by the members of the Alliance’s Business and Revenue Working Group, a committee which includes representatives from over 30 companies within the app development industry.

The report explores the many routes app publishers can take to build a progressive customer feedback loop, weighting those that most directly address app abandonment. It suggests concrete solutions that provide real-time, real-user data on how customers are using an app that can be quickly adapted to immediately help developers retain customers.

The report also includes insights from the committee members in their areas of expertise. For example Brian Suthoff, vice president of strategy and business development at Localytics, discusses the findings of a Localytics study which revealed that 44 percent of customers waited until they had interacted with an app at least 10 times before making their first in-app purchases. The study found those users who delay their purchases ultimately spend more than early adopters of an app.

The publication is free and is available as a direct download here. There is no need to sign up to view the full document which is available as a PDF or web version.