App Group Adds Eight New Members

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The Application Developers Alliance is beefing up its membership with the addition of eight new companies.

Ride-finder app Lyft, review company FindTheBest and telecom firm Syniverse were among the companies hopping onboard the app trade group. The new members add to the group's more than 30,000 individual developers and 175 companies trying to push for their interests in Washington.

“We’re thrilled to join an advocacy group dedicated to fighting for innovation and supporting technologies that can improve the lives of consumers,” said David Estrada, Lyft's vice president of government relations, in a statement.

“This partnership will be invaluable as peer-to-peer transportation continues to face challenges from city and state leaders across the country who are more concerned with protecting entrenched interests than furthering public safety through technology.”

Lyft and similar ride companies like Uber and Sidecar have run into opposition from regulators and traditional taxi industries protesting the new business model.

The app group has been especially vocal about patent issues, as lawmakers in the Senate Judiciary Committee have struggled to finalize a bill to clamp down on patent "trolls" that harass companies with vague rights claims.

Danny Seigle, director of operations at FindTheBest, said that joining the group is a chance for his company to "take a stance against patent trolls that attack startups and small businesses."

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has repeatedly delayed markup of a bill to combat the trolls. Last week, he again put off the effort until the Senate returns from its two-week spring recess at the end of the month.