App Developers Alliance Adds European Board

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APP DEVELOPERS ALLIANCE ADDS EUROPEAN BOARD: The Application Developers Alliance is adding a board and staff to better serve its European membership, which includes nearly 8,000 developers. Members of the new European board include: Eugene Stipp ofYahoo, Richard Hyndman of Google, Wolfgang Petersen of Intel, Rich Preece of Intuit, Jon Bradford of Techstars, Ollie Clamp of Millennial Media, Geoff Hollingworth of Ericsson, Ragnar Kruse of Smaato, James Parton of Twilio, Kaya Taner of AppLift and Rok Zorko ofOutfit7.

“Alliance activity in Europe will include developer-focused programming, education, business resources and policy advocacy,” Alliance President Jon Potter said in a statement. “These are the cornerstones of Alliance success since our 2012 launch, and we are pleased that our European companies have urged our growth and invited our expansion.”