First GDPR, now ePR: EU’s next privacy law could regulate messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage

Originally published June 13, 2018 in One World Identity

On the heels of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, Europe is gearing up for its next big privacy push, this time taking aim at data collection within messaging apps. But critics contend the proposed law goes too far, potentially stifling innovation and hurting profits.

OWI Insight: The EU is trying to walk a fine line with GDPR and ePR, ensuring consumer protection without stifling development of new technology and hurting businesses across Europe. There is one catch, though: It’s a bit easier for the EU to take these risks, because, as The Financial Times notes, the bulk of innovation in the tech sector is coming from China and North America. It is telling that many of the heaviest hitters opposing ePR in the Developers Alliance are American companies from Silicon Valley. With the dust from GDPR yet to settle, and apparent infighting at the Council of the European Union over ePR, don’t be surprised if the new law encounters further delays and doesn’t take effect by its targeted deadline of early 2019.