We created a brand-new series of events in order to facilitate talks between the industry and policy makers around policy issues of common interest.

The Tech Policy Roundtables are the place where digital entrepreneurs have the opportunity to express their views and discuss policy priorities with decision-makers and key players in the tech sector. We organise one Tech Policy Roundtable per quarter in the European Parliament, where we work with and welcome stakeholders, Members of the Parliament, Representatives from the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

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Past roundtables



MAY 25, 2016


Togheter with our co-hosts Catherine Sthiler MEP and Victor Negrescu MEP, both from S&D, we explored the engagement tools landscape, including newsfeed apps, infoapps, open platforms. We discussed how the EU can better connect to citizens and what specific challenges entrepreneurs face when developing and deploying civic engagement apps/civic tech and scaling from a national/local to a EU business model.

Event Recap to be publish soon ...


The Application Developers Alliance, with Anneleen Van Bossuyt MEP, co-hosted the policy roundtable “Scaling the Sharing Economy: Voices from Across the Chain”. The audience, which included more than 50 stakeholders, policy makers, developers and entrepreneurs, discussed the European sharing economy and the opportunities and challenges that companies face when attempting to scale within it.


The event focussed on the recent Safe Harbour ruling and its ‘Impact on SMEs and Digital Startups’. SMEs and startups represent more than 60% of companies that participated in the Safe Harbour agreement and they will be most heavily affected by its invalidation.


The Alliance first Tech Policy Roundtable, hosted by Amjad Bashir, MEP and a leader of the ECR working group for SMEs, was organised during the EU Code Week 2015.  wand co-hosted with the Apps Alliance organised its first Tech Policy Roundtable on ‘eSkills for Small Businesses’ at the European Parliament, in Brussels. We looked at the state of the digital labour market and the demand for skilled professionals advanced by SMEs.