Interoperability: The Challenge of Cross-Platform Development.

In a perfect world, application developers would write code once and it would just work. Unfortunately, that mobile utopia doesn’t exist. Instead, developers practice their craft in a digital universe that includes multiple versions of competing operating systems and thousands of devices in various screen sizes.

This fragmentation forces developers and the companies that hire them to answer tough questions every time they imagine the next big thing: Should they build for one operating system over another? Should they use tools designed to streamline cross-platform development? How should they test the app for the hundreds of Android options? Or should they go to the Web via HTML5? The Application Developers Alliance addresses these questions and others in Interoperability: The Challenge of Cross-Platform Development.

  • Gain working knowledge of basic interoperability issues in today's evolving app industry

  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages to hybrid-platform apps

  • Build your interoperability toolbox

  • Deep-dive into relevant and insightful case studies


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