Internet of Things

Home Automation: An IoT Guide to Smart Home Technology

What stands between us and the futuristic home of our dreams? While over half of 1,000 consumers surveyed in the US believe that “smart home” technology will be commonplace within the next 10 years, the industry lacks standards, ecosystem understanding, and simplicity for consumers.

Home Automation: An Internet of Things Guide to Smart Home Technology, crafted by the Application Developers Alliance, provides a holistic view of the shifting “smart home” paradigm in an attempt to provide necessary space for developer innovation.

In this paper, we uncover the:

  • Reality of an evolving, once-novel idea of the connected home

  • Relationship between consumer expectations and industry standards

  • Symbiosis of industry giants and small businesses in this space

  • Privacy concerns unique to IoT in the home

  • Open opportunities for developer success

This paper is part of a series of papers designed to help developers understand the many facets of the Internet of Things that are connecting to the Internet. 

Contributors include: 


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