Fintech – the biggest disruptor to finance since digitization

Today, large banking institutions struggle to keep up with the speed at which innovations are being introduced across practically every aspect of finance. That is due in large part to the rising FinTech industry. Start-ups are increasingly working their way into the industry with innovative technologies, chipping away at the business solely run by major financial institutions in the past.

For the brightest entrepreneurs and developers out there, FinTech presents not only a golden opportunity but an exciting challenge – how can you take on institutions at a game they have been the champion of for centuries?

In this free FinTech Paper, Developers Alliance has spoken with industry experts across a range of disciplines from the legal side, innovative incubator programmes and some of the brightest FinTech entrepreneurs themselves to bring you crucial insights on three main topics: Raising Finance, Impact of Regulation and Disruption to Banking.  

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