Featured Members

Alliance members are innovators and entrepreneurs. Creative development and design runs through their veins and their work contributes every day to the digital economy.  Here, you can learn more about the our Startup and Associate members, interesting and fun facts about their business, what projects they're working on, and how policy and regulation impacts their business practices and why it has led them to joining the Alliance.



Hellow is a Denmark-based social media platform that aims at helping people explore their community through every day, real life adventures. They joined the Developers Alliance in 2017 after learning about us at an event at the IT University of Copenhagen where the Alliance spoke. Hellow is interested in the impact regulation might have on the development of small but fast-growing companies like theirs. 

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Nuzdah is a software services company that focuses on bringing cloud solutions to small and medium business market, as well as app development and platform services. Nuzdah joined the Alliance in 2016 and recently signed a letter with fellow Alliance members raising concerns about creating a fragmented Android market. Businesses like Nuzdah support an open, developer-friendly marketplace that supports innovation. 


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