Featured Member: appScatter, Centralised Platform Readying for GDPR

appScatter is a centralised distribution and management platform that integrates with the world’s top app stores. Offering unrivalled audience reach, efficient app management and centralised reporting, appScatter distributes apps across over 70 of the best app stores. Global brands, digital agencies and independent developers rely on appScatter to help manage their global app portfolios.

Our Founder and CEO, Philip Marcella, has been involved in mobile app development since the early 2000s – well before the Apple app store or Google Play came about. One of his biggest gripes from that time was the headache involved in collecting customer reports together. Instead of focusing on creating apps, developers would be side-lined trying to pull reports on downloads and revenues for each client. So, Philip and his team set about creating a bespoke tool that could pull reports together automatically. The solution was immediately successful and popular with developers and clients alike and the beginnings of appScatter were born.

In 2013, appScatter and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) began feasibility testing the idea of not only centralised reporting, but also multiple store app distribution. Soon after, appScatter was founded and by 2016 the platform was privately launched to a small customer sample for beta testing. In September 2017 appScatter floated on the London Stock Exchange and held a full public launch in November 2017.

There are a lot of different challenges working with app development businesses of all shapes and sizes and legislation is one of those. However, the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect May 25 promises to deliver unprecedented change in the management of compliant apps. At a time when the commercial model for apps is focused on in-app advertising and purchases – which in itself is reliant on accurate user targeting – restricting the level of personal data saved could be potentially harmful to the industry as a whole.

On the other hand, if the mobile economy is going to fulfil its forecasted value of $6.3 trillion by 2021, a focus on effective data regulation is important. Data security across all types of apps, transparent policies of data usage and well documented terms and conditions are all critical areas where app developers need to be compliant.

appScatter has users across the globe and many in Europe, so preparing for the GDPR is paramount to our business model and ensuring user data is protected under our purview. The data we gather on app usage is always anonymised, so the risk of non-compliance is minimal, but appScatter remain fully committed to ensuring user data is protected and available if users request it.

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