Featured Member: Nuzdah, An Open Source Solution that Gives Life to the Small and Medium Business Market

Nuzdah means 19, a lucky number for us. We were born at the beginning of 2016 with a vision for introducing the cloud technology and the Internet of Things (IOT) concept in the small and medium business (SMB) market.

The adoption of this technology permits SMBs to be competitive against enterprise businesses. In the past, only large companies had resources to invest a lot of money to make their infrastructure scalable and use the real valuable asset of 21st century businesses: data.

With the cloud, the entry barrier is low and every SMB can grow faster than ever before. This impacts not only companies that make software products, but also the “old style” business that can now reach the same (or maybe better) quality of services and customer relationships as larger enterprises.

Nuzdah works to simplify the adoption of cloud solutions and help SMBs obtain new tools to have the same competitive advantage as bigger, established players.

Our big project currently is NodeCM.io: a platform that allows people without programming skills to make their own IOT prototypes and solutions, and ultimately decrease the time from inception to market. An important feature of the platform that we have built is a configuration manager for connecting devices and things in a simple way. NodeCM.io leverages community contributions and uses the best open source as foundation, and resolves communication issues between devices and platforms.

Now that you know about Nuzdah, who we are and what we do, you can understand that working on an open internet is essential for our business and for the success of our users. We support internet neutrality and the adoption of open source solutions in the public administration across Europe.

Recently, we supported a Developers Alliance’s initiative and co-signed, together with dozens of fellow Alliance members and entrepreneurs, a letter to the European Commission that expressed concern with the Commission’s investigation of Android’s business practices and its potential to fragment the mobile ecosystem.

We often use platforms like Android, which offer efficient user experience, transfer of information between devices and allow us to safely keep user data. A fragmented market would mean we would need to make different versions of our services for different devices, which would come at a great cost, not only in capital but also in innovation, product safety and trust from our users. And that would be the opposite of an open, developer-friendly platform.

Nevertheless we stay optimistic about the future and look forward to 2018, growing our network across Europe, sharing our knowledge on IT and working with new customers. We have learned how to make solutions that serve people all over the world, from software to consulting services and IT strategy, and how these services give competitive advantage to SMBs. And, in order to make all this possible, we will continue advocating for policies and regulations that support internet neutrality and an open source marketplace that encourages creativity and collaboration.

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